mav·er·ick: an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party

Maverick Developers is a mission-driven, for-profit real estate consulting and development company formed by Kirk Goodrich.  After many years in the affordable housing industry working in a variety of capacities, Mr. Goodrich decided to launch a company to continue the finance and development work that he had come to enjoy over a 19-year career. 

He chose the name Maverick because it captures the spirit of independence and entrepreneurship that he hopes the company will reflect.  The goal is to execute community–focused projects that work economically but also rebuild blocks and neighborhoods.  Mr. Goodrich’s passion for seeing communities and lives changed has made him a bit of a maverick through the years.

Currently, Maverick is doing consulting work for Enterprise Community Investment, Greater Allen Cathedral of New York, Lutheran Social Services of New York, two general contractors and a supportive housing provider.  Mr. Goodrich’s expertise is in arranging financing on affordable housing projects.  He also has successfully conceived and executed several development projects on church sites.

Mr. Goodrich has arranged financing on a total of seven projects on church sites, four of which are built and leased.  The other three are all financed and expected to close within a year.  Given his experience in working with faith-based partners, Mr. Goodrich is preparing to launch an effort called Lazarus which is focused on providing trusted advice to churches facing challenging real estate decisions.